Executive Board

Neda DeMayo
Neda DeMayo Founder/President
Neda has had a lifelong interest in animals, especially horses, and has provided care and rescue for horses and animals throughout her life.

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Jack Carone
Jack CaroneVice President
Jack joins RTF with a broad background in animal rights and protection. He was Co-Director and Media Spokesman for Los Angeles-based Last Chance for Animals (LCA) and now serves on its Board of Directors.

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Kevin Beckmen
Kevin BeckmenBoard Chair
Dr. J. Kevin Beckmen serves as Chief of Staff for the Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Health System.
Elizabeth Hines
Elizabeth HinesSecretary
Liz Hines is a certified Shorthand reporter, freelance deposition reporter and court reporter. But aside from that, Liz is an avid photographer and a dedicated volunteer for Return to Freedom!
Pat Hines
Pat HinesDirector
Pat currently serves as the executive director of Safe Moves. Safe Moves is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to educating children on traffic safety.
Elissa Kline
Elissa KlineDirector
Elissa Kline has managed recording studios in both Los Angeles and NYC and currently works as the Ranch Manager/Personal Assistant & Photographer for Carole King.

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Executive Advisory Board

Diana DeMayo
Diana DeMayoCo-Founder Emeritus
Diana received her B.F.A. degree in Drama from the University of the North Carolina School of the Arts.
Robert Redford
Robert RedfordHonorary Board Member
Robert Redford is Honorary Board Member and on the Committee for Return To Freedom’s Wild Horse and Wildlife Preserve.

In Memorium:

William DeMayo - Co-Founder
William DeMayo - Co-FounderCo-Founder- 1922-2014
Bill began his career as a field examiner for the IRS and is a retired partner of Ernst & Young. Turning attention to education, he then became a full professor at the University of New Haven, Connecticut, where he also served as Treasurer and a Planned Giving Officer. He has served and been honored by numerous professional associations devoted to taxation, financial management, and estate planning. Bill is a graduate of the Wharton School, holds an M.B.A. in taxation, and is a C.P.A.

On May 4th of this year the DeMayo and Return to Freedom family said goodbye to
Bill DeMayo, who leaves a legacy of joy and brotherhood, love and perseverance. Read More about the Legacy of Bill DeMayo here.

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Advisory Board

Policy Issues and Advocacy

  • Virginie L. Parant, ESQ., Attorney
  • Laura Moretti, The Animals Voice

Honorary Board Member

  • Robert Redford – is Honorary Board Member and on the Committee for Return To Freedom’s Wild Horse and Wildlife Preserve.


  • Carolyn Resnick, Dances With Horses
  • Angelique Midthunder, Media
  • David Midthunder, Native American Cultural Advisor


  • Peggy & Donald Petrie
  • Andrea Eastman
  • Sigi McCormack, Local Event Committee

Equine Wellness & Conservation

  • Jay Kirkpatrick, Director Science & Conservation Center
  • John Fusco, Choctaw & Tribal Strains
  • Casey Jones, Equine Dentist, Holistic Dentistry

Habitat Restoration

  • John Bechtold
  • Natasha Lohmus, Fish & Game, Santa Barbara, CA


  • Youth Ambassadors: Aly & AJ Michalka