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“Wild horses are living things who have a right to coexist in what is a vast landscape, which is the American West,” , “Let’s do something about this.” – Viggo Mortensen –

Horse Slaughter

Both America’s wild and domestic horses still face the threat of slaughter just over our borders in Canada and Mexico. Although there are no horse slaughter facilities currently operating in the United States, the slaughter industry continues to try and regain its foothold on U.S. soil.

Until federal legislation is passed once and for all to ban the sale and transport of horses for the purpose of slaughter, America’s horses continue to suffer. From the farm to the battlefield, horses have been mankind’s companion in nearly every human endeavor. Now they need our help.

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America’s Wild Horses are Facing Their Last Stand

Calico Stallion- Captured Photo: Lisa Dearing

Our wild horses and burros are caught in a battle over the use of our federal and State lands and the distribution of our dwindling natural resources. With no one profiting from their freedom, wild horses and burros have been systematically captured and removed from the American West in response to pressure from ranching, hunting, mining and other economically driven special interest groups. The protection and conservation of our natural resources is paramount to restoring balance on America’s vast rangelands, so that true preservation, within a truly wild environment, might one day be possible. Join us!

Justice 4 Mustangs Petition

The government’s continued and aggressive roundup policy has more wild horses now living in captivity than that which remain in the wild. We must act now to protect the freedom and habitat of our wild horses or America will lose something it can never get back. Please take a moment to sign the petition asking Congress to protect our remaining wild horses and their rightful home on our western landscape.

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Wild Horse Rangers: Advocacy in Action



Support our work on the range and advocacy

Return to Freedom’s Initiatives for America’s Horses is rooted in inspiring youth and adults to take the initiative!

We invite you to get involved however you can. Advocacy in Action is our next step in supporting YOU to have your own experience and use your voice to speak for wild horses, burros, wildlife and our vast wilderness areas!

Join us on the range and witness our public lands and America's wild horses and burros!

Use your voice to:

Contact your Representatives in Congress in writing and by phone. Be respectful and let them know your point of view on the issue.

Write a Letter to The Editor

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We urge Congress to take a new approach committed to solutions that provide protection and preservation of wild horses and burros on their ranges:

  • Redirect funds currently used for the costly and devastating capture, removal and warehousing of wild horses and burros – to – the least invasive, safe and humane, policies, and management methods available NOW.
  • Allocate an equitable share of rangeland resources for wild horses and burros on our public lands particularly in designated wild horse and burro Herd managemnet Areas ( HMAs) and Herd Areas ( HAs).
  • Explore compensation/ incentives for ranchers who give up their livestock grazing permits so that wild horses and burros can receive a more equitable share of the grazing resources in wild horse and burro Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and Herd Areas (HAs)
  • Rescind the 2005 Sale Authority amendment, (mandates that BLM offer all captured horses over the age of 10, and any unsuccessful at being adopted after 3 tries, for sale without limitation to the highest bidder).
  • Repatriate horses in holding to zeroed out Herd Management Areas that still contain viable wild horse habitat.