For Equines

When you purchase products from the companies on our list below, a percentage of your sale benefits Return to Freedom.

Horse Saddle Shop

Return to Freedom Horse Saddle ShopNeed a new saddle? Support Return to Freedom while shopping for your next saddle at Horse Saddle Shop. They offer an extensive line of western saddles and tack and when you click on their website from here, 5% of your total purchase will be donated to Return to Freedom.

Country Supply

countrysupply.comVisit Country Supply for a wide range of horse care products. 5% of your purchase price will be donated to Return To Freedom when you use the care code hcombs.

Amicus Equine Products

Help your horses and help ours at the same time. Amicus Equine has a great program where they donate 8% of every order you place to Return To Freedom at no cost to you or us. They have a nice lineup of basic equine supplements and products. Simply click on the Products/Order tab below to go to their site and have a look. Remember, any order you place we get 8%. Be sure to use our unique code ER1006 when ordering.

Goodshop & Goodsearch Products


Take action with Return to Freedom, Wild Horse Preservation and Sanctuary and Goodshop to protect wild horses. While you save money through Goodshop with deals like Macy’s coupons , Lands’ End coupons , and BrooksBrothers coupons , unnamed (1)our cause will receive an automatic donation at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that!