8 ways to help America’s horses

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Photo of Chief taken at RTF’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary by Norma Fries

Support safe, proven and humane fertility control that can end wild horse roundups: Send a letter to Congress.

Support a fair share for wild horses and burros: Sign our petition.

Call for an end to horse slaughter and the export of horses for slaughter: Send a letter to the president. Send a letter to Congress. (Click for a list of current House SAFE Act cosponsors. Click for a list of Senate cosponsors).

Oppose the zeroing out of Wyoming Herd Management Areas: Send a letter to Bureau of Land Management Director Stone-Manning, Interior Secretary Haaland and President Biden.

Demand transparency and accountability for the humane handling of wild horses and burros: Send a letter to Congress.

Call for changes to the Bureau of Land Management’s Adoption Incentive Program: Send a letter to Congress.

Oppose the inhumane use of double-decker trailers to haul horses: Send a letter to Congress.

Donate to RTF’s Wild Horse Defense Fund

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