92 wild horses captured on private land near Range Creek HMA

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Bureau of Land Management file photo.

Ninety-two wild horses were captured and one died during a recently completed bait-and-water roundup on private lands near the Range Creek Herd Management Area in Carbon County, Utah.

One wild horse was put down on July 2 after suffering “neurological issues after being kicked at the trap site,” according to the Bureau of Land Management.

The wild horses were removed by request of landowners and the Utah Department of Natural Resources. They were transportd to contract corrals in Axtell, Utah, where they will be made available for adoption or sale.

The 55,000-acre Range Creek HMA, which is made up of federal, state and private lands about 10 miles from Price, Utah, is home to an estimated 378 wild horses. The BLM-set Approprate Management Level for the HMA is 75-125 wild horses — as low as one horse for every 733 acres.

In planning documents, BLM says it attempted to keep the wild horses off of neighboring private land: “Mitigation efforts over the past three years have been attempted by maintenance of fences and control of water resources, but to no avail.”

The roundup began on June 26 and stretched into mid-July. The bulk of the wild horses were captured June 26-July 2, according to BLM.