A great opportunity to help wild horses: Your donations matched at 50%!

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Dear Friends,

With all the challenges going on for all of us, thankfully RTF has a most welcome and needed opportunity this week with our GlobalGiving partnership.

 GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors and companies in nearly every country. RTF depends upon the donors who find us there to help run our sanctuary.

 From now until Friday, online donations up to $50 at GlobalGiving will be matched at 50%.

There are also a variety of bonuses depending on how well our supporters respond.

This couldn’t come a better time. We are all facing uncertainty, and with 500+ animals who rely on us, we are especially concerned. We simply can’t get through this time of upheaval without you. We are facing the unknown, and we have to rely on our steadfast donors and their years of support and loyalty. We need and welcome the kindness of our newer friends and people we’ve yet to meet, too.

To help get through this period, we are reducing costs wherever we can. We know that everyone is facing unknown outcomes, and we feel for everyone. We know there are so many needing help right now – nothing is easy at the moment but we can tell you that the huge responsibility of feeding hundreds of living creatures who totally depend on us for their food and care every day makes this an especially worrisome situation for us.

Every single day we provide water, shelter, feed and oversight for 51 burros and 470 wild horses that lost their home on the range through no fault of their own. The sanctuary has provided a refuge for these amazing animals as well as a venue for lifechanging experiences for thousands of people in the last 22 years. With over 54 senior horses and burros between the ages of 25-35, direct care is always needed. For those horses who do well living in herds out on pasture they need supplemental feed for a good part of the year as well as vetting and maintaining operations. Wild and free they may be — but once they are within our fences we are responsible for their precious lives.

We are still in the trenches, carrying on as well as we can, looking at ways to provide some live-streaming events and tours while the global community also adjusts to a new normal for the time being. We have made a solemn promise to these horses and burros, and we intend to keep it, but it’s never, even in the best of times, been possible without you.

Please help as much as you can, if you can, and you will also help significantly if you will share this donation link with as many people in your own network as possible, and as often as you can throughout this week.

Thank you for your support,

The RTF Team

Click here to have your donation of up to $50 matched at 50%