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After successfully spending over 20 years as a high-end advertising photographer in San Francisco, I found myself burned out, disenchanted, and ultimately receiving no nourishment from the work I was doing. When horses came into my life in the mid-1990s, I realized that I had found my teachers, and the connection that I have developed with horses has helped steer my life in a completely different direction. Horses have taught me so much in the time I have spent with them…
Photography for me is capturing just a moment in time when I feel the spirit of the animal. These are the moments I wait for and hope to share through my images. My main focus is photographing wild horses in their environments.
One visit to Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse Sanctuary with my camera and I was hooked. These beautiful wild horses that had once roamed this great nation had been rounded up and captured, but were offered refuge in a few hundred acres near my home town. They behave very much as they did when on the range, although their territory is more limited. Since meeting them equine photography has become my focus.
Image Galleries from Some of Our Contributing Photographers (with more to come)

One of Return to Freedom’s 2016 in-residence work-study volunteers, Josephine Blossfield of Hornbeak, Denmark, doubles as a photographer. This gallery features some of her favorite photos from her time living, working, and learning at Return to Freedom. To read more about her experience and that of two of our other work-study volunteers, please click here.

Words and Photos by Josephine Blossfeld