Photos and Update: Steve Paige In a massive 10-day roundup that ended August 14,  an estimated 307 wild horses and 18 burros were captured and permanently removed from their home at ... Read More
August 17, 2014AnnieFannie
Sheldon Refuge Roundup
"This wild horse was put down at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge on Aug 11, 2014 after being rounded from beyond the distant horizon. It was then pushed for miles ... Read More
August 15, 2014AnnieFannie
Sheldon Wild Horse Roundup
This Sheldon foal is safe at the sanctuary. His relatives in the wild are not.  The Roundup of the Last Wild Horses of the Sheldon Refuge ... Read More
August 7, 2014AnnieFannie
Sheldon Wild Horse
Interior Secretary Jewell Asked to Intervene to Stop Roundup in Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge Scheduled to Begin Monday Denio, NV (September 5, 2013) — A national wild horse advocacy coalition — ... Read More
September 6, 2013AnnieFannie