Meet Pretty Sky

Pretty Sky
Pretty Sky is a charming red dorsal dun mare from our Sulphur Springs herd. Pretty Sky was born on June 9, 1995. Her mother is Cinnamon, a red dun mare who was captured off of the Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area in Utah. Pretty Sky’s father is Sampson Sitting, a handsome red dun stallion. Pretty Sky is part of Chief’s harem and arrived to Return to Freedom’s Sanctuary in 2003 pregnant with their daughter Willow. In 2004 she gave birth to her last foal, a filly named Autumn who also resides at the sanctuary.

Today, Pretty Sky remains part of Chief’s band with her mother Cinnamon and 5 other mares. Pretty Sky is social with humans and has a wonderful disposition, traits she has passed on to her two fillies. Her dorsal stripe, thick multi-colored mane and tail and pronounced leg striping are all display her Iberian descent.

These Sulphur Springs horses are found in Utah in the Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area. Of all the horses free ranging in America today, these horses have DNA the most similar to the primitive Iberian horses known as the Sorraia. These horses are being preserved in Portugal today. Due to their remote location in Utah’s Needle Range, they have retained their unique pheno-typing but are at risk with less than 400 left in the wild.

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