Meet Redmen

Redmen was one of over 1900 wild horses captured during the devastating 2009/2010 roundup in the Calico Mountains Complex of Nevada. After a grueling helicopter stampede, Redmen arrived at the trap site with his pal Tomahawk at his side. The two older stallions, exhausted, confused and without their families, stayed by each other’s side. When it was time for these newly captured wild horses to be auctioned, Return to Freedom bid on and won Redmen, his friend Tomahawk, and 16 other wild stallions.

After having lost their freedom, their families, and their homes we had to do what we could to give them back a little of what they lost. Redmen and Tomahawk will soon be joined by mares from the same roundup on a large preserve that we are working to create on land adjacent to their former home in Nevada’s Calico Mountains.

More Pictures of Redmen