Meet Sarge

Sarge, estimated year of birth in 2000, is a trusting palomino stallion who has a very docile and social nature. Sarge was part of a herd living in the Fish Creek Herd Management Area, Eureka Nevada.

Sarge, easy to spot in the wide-open valley as you pull into Fish Creek, became a pawn in the long conflict between the advocates who love the horses and those who wanted to see a progressive management plan for Fish Creek fail.

As a young colt, he was removed from the range without permission and dumped back on the range two years later. Sarge eventually became a band stallion with a small harem led by his fiercely loyal lead mare ‘Promise’. Together they fought loyally to keep their family together, year after year. Promise was known by an advocate who often photographed the herd to help Sarge fight off challenging stallions!

In 2015 Sarge was again lured off his range illegally, along with about 30 other horses, by a rancher. He sustained injuries from other horses and was removed by the Bureau of Land Management, brought to BLM corrals and offered on the internet for adoption.

Fierce competition drove the bidding to a record price, especially for a 15 year-old stallion. The wild horse advocate who won the bid was determined to send Sarge to Return to Freedom.

We wasted no time locating his lead mare by now captive in government corrals with thousands of others. Known only as mare #1489, we named her Promise. After more than a year separated from each other, these two were reunited at Return to Freedom’s sanctuary where they remain inseparable today.

More Pictures of Sarge