Meet Silver King

Silver King
Silver King is a mature stallion rounded-up with his family in 2010 from Nevada’s Silver King HMA. Stampeded by deafening helicopters, Silver King and his herd were chased relentlessly over dangerous terrain and into an inescapable trap. Silver King and his mares’ heart-wrenching screams echoed as they saw their world and each other disappear through the cold metal bars of the holding pens.

What Silver King did not know as he fought, defended himself, and was loaded onto a crammed trailer to be hauled from his home range, his freedom and his world, was that there were still caring people determined to protect him and his family. Return to Freedom — and our loyal supporters — will always to do what we can to ”save the pieces”. We are proud and happy to tell you that we eventually reunited Silver King with his mare, Grace—and a few others from his band.

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