Meet Stella

Stella is a beautiful grulla dorsal dun mare from our Sulphur Springs herd born at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary on April 30, 2003. Her mother Emilita, a beautiful dark bay dun mare arrived to the sanctuary pregnant. Emilita is the daughter of our magnificent stallion Chief. Stella’s father is Running Bear, a handsome Grulla stallion that she resembles in color and temperament.

Today at the sanctuary, Stella is now part of Amante’s harem band with three other mares, her filly Amber, and her colt Fuego Dorado. Amante is a Cerbat mustang stallion. Stella, although she is on fertility control, has birthed four foals over the years and is what we call a non-responder! Like her father Running Bear, she is a bit wary of people but is alert, smart, kind and a wonderful lead mare for the band.

Stella displays the dun factor indicative of her Iberian descent.

These Sulphur Springs horses are found in Utah in the Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area. Of all the horses free ranging in America today, these horses have DNA the most similar to the primitive Iberian horses known as the Sorraia. These horses are being preserved in Portugal today. Due to their remote location in Utah’s Needle Range, they have retained their unique pheno-typing but are at risk with less than 400 left in the wild.

More Pictures of Stella