Our veterinarians are dedicated to providing medical assistance for our animals even as the bills stack up. Help us with this special fund to be prepared for difficult times as they arise. Vet costs can go up to $10,000 a month in some cases for one horse in critical care. We show our appreciation for their resilience by keeping our promise to provide the quality lives they deserve. Elders and Special Needs Horses hold a special place in our hearts. Let’s give them the gift of health together.

While the demands of emergency rescues are constantly in front of us in social media, sanctuaries have the responsibility to provide care and refuge for a lifetime. It is only with the compassion and dedication of our donors that Return to Freedom is able to maintain a safe and loving sanctuary for wild horses and burros who have been traumatized by capture and removal from their home ranges and family bands. RTF makes a great effort to keep bonded family and social bands together and even searches for fragmented members of a herd to reunite here.

Now in our 19th year, many of the wild horses and burros are in their very senior years and our special needs and feeds population has grown! As the horses age we do our best with our veterinary team to provide regular preventative care (dental, worming, supplements) so the horses can have a good quality of life (the majority living well into their thirties). In addition, with over 465 wild horses and 51 burros, we address emergency and unforeseen medical needs. RTF plans for an annual veterinary budget of $45,000.

Did you know?We have Return to Freedom masks!

Peekaboo Masks is donating 35% of its sales from limited-edition masks that feature the wild horses and burros at our American Wild Horse Sanctuary.