Donate to Return to Freedom’s Sponsor a Hay Bale Program

There is more than one way to help Return to Freedom help horses besides a donation — or in addition to a donation.

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Return to Freedom provides sanctuary to more than 450 wild horses and burros. As we continue to fight for wild herds’ rightful place on America’s public lands, we are also fighting an ongoing financial struggle.

Hay costs have skyrocketed 35% from a year ago and are expected to keep climbing due to drought, rising fuel costs, wildfires and competition from China’s growing livestock industry. Our annual hay costs are likely to climb to $450,000 for 2022. That would be an increase of $190,000 from just two years ago!

For just 90 cents a day or $28 a month, you can put a bale of hay in the barn! Will you help us?

It only takes a few moments to sign up and we will automatically bill your credit or debit card each month for $28. You can cancel at any time.

On behalf of our resident horses and burros, we thank you very much!