Meet Arrow

Arrow is a beautiful buckskin mare who was born free in 1995 in the vast remote western ranges of Nevada’s Great Basin. She is from the Black Rock West HMA in the Calico Mountain Complex, Northwestern Nevada.

Arrow is a survivor of the 2010 Calico Roundup, where nearly 2000 wild horses were captured and over 140 horses perished as a result of the roundup. Arrow was captured and taken from her home on the range on January 26, 2010.

Arrow is safe and has permanent refuge on hundreds of acres in Northern California where Return to Freedom has 69 mares who were also captured from the Calico Complex roundup. In 2010, RTF took in 100 wild horses from the Calico roundup, most were over 10 years old and slated for long term holding.

The Calico herd is a testimony to the enduring spirit and hardiness of the diverse strains of horses that helped develop our Great Basin Ranchos, which later mixed with breeds used for the Cavalry. They have adapted to the rugged and remote terrain and returned to a natural state over the last two hundred years.

Arrow is a reserved, calm and wise mare. She is especially close to Lady Hawk, who looks very similar to her and has a similar personality.

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