Meet Buddy

Buddy was born in 2008 in the vast remote Great Basin ranges of Northwestern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

In 2010, one of the most controversial roundups began in the Calico Mountain Complex, where almost 2000 wild horses lost their freedom and almost 150 horses died as a result. Return To Freedom took in 106 horses from the roundup.

This beautiful black gelding was captured, removed from his home range and sent to government facilities in Colorado. Confused and lonely, Buddy became instantly bonded to a handsome Buckskin stallion later named Ranger.

Buddy now lives in a large herd of other horses from the same round-up, including Ranger. But, over time he has come under the protective friendship of Tomahawk!

For generations, ancestors of cavalry and ranch horses have interbred and survived in the remote and challenging habitat of the Calico Mountains. They have adapted to this environment and returned to a natural state over the past few hundred years. These stout horses are a vital link to our Great Basin heritage.

More Pictures of Buddy