Meet Comanche

Meet the beautiful Comanche. He is a tall and handsome pinto gelding who is part of a small group of horses known as the “Miracle Horses”. In 2007, they were to be slaughtered at the Cavel slaughterhouse in Illinois.

However, luck was on their side that day, as the slaughterhouse was shut down for good while they were literally on the slaughterhouse floor. It is a truly a miracle that they managed to escape that awful fate, which is why they became known as the “Miracle Horses”.

Comanche now lives at our leased pastures in Alturas California with over 80 other horses. Two Ponies, a pinto mare captured in 2010 from her home range in the Calico Complex in Northwestern Nevada, has become smitten with Commanche and stays close by his side.

Commanche has attracted a small harem band of mares and they spend their days grazing, resting in the shade of juniper and pine trees and socializing with the larger herd across the stunning property.

More Pictures of Comanche