Meet Curly

The Wild Mustang Curly Horse is a strain of horse that is extremely rare. This wild free-ranging horse carries a special specific gene that causes the horse’s coat, mane, and tail to curl, along with other unique traits, thus the name ‘Curly Horse’. Curlies are known for their kind and mellow demeanor, and their curly coats which are hypoallergenic!

Curly was one of over 1,900 wild horses captured during the devastating 2010 roundup in the Calico Mountains Complex of Nevada. During the grueling helicopter stampede, Curly lost his mares and foals and arrived at the trap exhausted, confused, and without his family band, who until this day, remained inseparable.

When it was time for these newly captured wild horses to be sold to the highest bidder, Return to Freedom allies bid on and were able to secure Curly and 18 other wild stallions. After having lost their freedom, their families, and their homes, we had to do what we could to give them back a little of what they lost. Return to Freedom also secured 80 mares from the roundup.

At the sanctuary, Curly is an older stallion and enjoys spending his days with Silver King, Galahad, and Leaf. He also gets along with Charlie, Ludden, and El Presidente!

For generations, ancestors of cavalry and ranch horses have interbred and survived in the remote and challenging habitat of the Calico Mountains. They have adapted to this environment and returned to a natural state over the past few hundred years. These stout horses are a vital link to our Great Basin heritage.

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