Meet Elvis

Elvis is a very metallic gold palomino stallion from the Calico Complex who shimmers in the sun.

Born in approximately 2004, Elvis was one of over 1900 wild horses captured during the devastating Bureau of Land Management roundup in the Calico Mountains Complex of Nevada.

After a grueling helicopter stampede on Jan. 20th, 2010, Elvis was chased into the trap and lost his freedom forever. Exhausted, confused and without his family by his side, we can only imagine what he was experiencing.

When it was time for Elvis was to be sold to the highest bidder through the devastating sale authority amendment to the Wild and Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act, Return to Freedom supporters were able to secure Elvis, and 18 other wild stallions as well as 80 mares. After these wild horses lost their freedom, their families, and their homes, we had to do what we could to give them back a little of the freedom that they had lost.

At the sanctuary, Elvis has become more trusting of humans over the years but is a bit of a loner among the other stallions and prefers to avoid conflict.

For generations, descendants of cavalry and ranch horses have survived in the remote and challenging habitat of the Calico Mountains. They have adapted to this environment and returned to a natural state. These stout horses are a vital link to our Great Basin heritage.

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