Meet Greyson


Greyson is a noble well muscled stallion who managed a bachelor band within the Red Desert Complex, Wyoming. Although it’s hard to know his age exactly, the Bureau of Land Management estimated his year of birth to be 2006. . In the fall of 2020, the Bureau of Land Management completed the removal of 1799 horses from that was their home.

Greyson was captured at Arapaho Creek, also known as “the donut hole” which used to be recognized as a Herd Management Area but Arapaho Creek is no longer a recognized HMA. The Red Desert Complex encompasses 753,000 acres and has very harsh climate with rugged terrain. The horses are very diverse in color, type and size.

Greyson managed a bachelor band and at one time was most likely a band stallion with his own mares. By late 2016 Hotah and his brother Misun had joined a bachelor band and Greyson also shared the same range. The summer of 2018 was a dry year, followed by an incredibly bitter winter. The snows were the deepest anyone had seen in at least 20 years. When photographer Angelique Rea was able to get out into the desert she found Hotah by himself, extremely thin, cuts and tears over his body – presumably from getting tangled in a barbed wire fence under the snow when trying to find forage. Angelique was sure she would find his body laying in the sage soon after. But a few months later she found that he had broken free from the barbed wire and been taken in by an older stallion and was treated kindly, they became good friends, and Hotah would become his lieutenant stallion until the roundup. They all lost their freedom and the bonds they nurtured and relied on that day.

Greyson and Hotah were close on the range. Now at Return to Freedom’s sanctuary however, Greyson has come between Hotah and his sister Tata Wakan and is very possessive of her! Timid of humans, Greyson has such an innocent puppy like quality you just fall in love with him!

Thanks to his guardian angels, two photographers, (Meg Frederick and Angelique Rea), who have known him on the range, RTF was able to identify Greyson and bring him to Return to Freedom’s sanctuary to reunite with some of those he knew, like Hotah, from his home range.

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Photography by Meg Frederick

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