Meet Jasper

Jasper was only a few months old when he was captured from his home range in Nevada’s high desert. He was adopted alone from the BLM’s holding corrals, and lived for a year or so with a family in
California. Unfortunately, this young curious burro made a bit of a ruckus and he was brought to Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary in 2000.

Jasper was released out in a pasture with several bands of wild horses and a handsome burro named Buckwheat. Buckwheat and Jasper quickly became friends and they played pretty hard on the hills! Both burros really liked humans but Jasper seemed to prefer the company of humans and horses to other burros!

Because of a condition with his short tendons, he needed special heels added to his back hooves. Soon he just became the honorary sheriff here and enjoys wandering around freely and visiting everyone! When he isn’t moving freely about the ranch he can be found with a small herd of mares whom he adores!

More Pictures of Jasper