Little Romeo

Little Romeo
Named after his grandfather Romeo, Little Romeo was born wild and free in April 2020 on the Red Desert Complex, Wyoming. He especially loved his uncle Hotah and followed him around as he grazed along the periphery of the band. Just 6 1/2 months later, he ran for his life alongside his two sisters and his family as the BLM completed the removal of 1799 horses from the Herd Management Area. Captured at just 6 months old Romeo was separated from his family and mother Angel, and headed to the Bureau of Land Management’s adoption corrals.

Romeo was captured at Arapaho Creek, also known as “the donut hole” which used to be recognized as a Herd Area but after the completion of the roundup in 2020, Arapaho Creek is no longer a recognized HMA. The Red Dessert Complex encompasses 753,000 acres and has very harsh climate with rugged terrain. The horses are very diverse in color, type and size.

Thanks to photographers who have long photographed this herd, RTF was able to adopt and reunite the three siblings on March 22, 2021 and they are now safe at Return to Freedom’s sanctuary! Romeo arrived scared and wary but is becoming a spirited and confident young colt!

RTF was again able to send the photographers to the holding corrals in search of the whole family band. In August of 2021, we were able to find and adopt Romeo’s father, mother and the whole family band.

Your Sponsorship has a significant, positive impact on Romeo’s life!

Photography by Meg Frederick.

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