Meet Running Bear

Running Bear
Running Bear is a striking grulla dun stallion from our Sulphur Springs herd. He arrived to Return to Freedom in 2003 with several of his mares – and he has since acquired new ones!

Today at the sanctuary, ‘Bear’ continues to live in a family band with his Sulphur Springs mares. Bear is wary of people but he is kind and definitely has an opinion! While he may be of a slighter build, his agility, attention and protective instincts make him a powerful lead stallion for his herd. His unique triple dorsal stripe, brindling and leg striping, are indicative of his Iberian descent.

These Sulphur Springs horses are in Utah’s Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area. Of all the horses free ranging in America today, these horses have DNA the most similar to primitive Iberian horses known as the Sorraia horses being preserved in Portugal today. Due to their remote location in Utah’s Needle Range, they have retained their unique pheno-typing but are at risk with only 200 or so left in the wild.

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