Meet Spotted Bird

Spotted Bird
Spotted Bird is a brown and white tobiano colt from the 100% pure Choctaw native tribal line. He was born March 30th, 2008. His Dam is Morning Bird and his Sire is Chief Iktiniki. He is small curious yet shy and sometimes surprises himself with his own impulsive bravery!

The Choctaw horses are Spanish horses that remain from the early colonial efforts of the Spaniards in North America. These horses are important as a genetic resource because they have become rare, and are one of the oldest strains of horses in North America. These horses have been pivotal in the conservation of Colonial Spanish horses in North America.

Arriving to North America in the 1500’s with Hernando DeSoto, the Choctaw Indian Pony was an integral part of Choctaw tribal culture, spirituality, and heritage by the 1800’s. This tough, small horse lived through struggles and tragedies with the tribe, including the forced relocation of the Choctaw and Cherokee peoples known as the “Trail of Tears”. The sturdy Choctaw pony carried the ill and elderly on their backs along the Trail of Tears. For years the tribal people would hide these treasured ponies in the hills to prevent their extermination.

Today, their pure descendants are part of a conservation program in an effort to preserve their unique color genetics, temperment and heritage.

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