Meet Sterling

Curly, Galahad, and Silver King
Sterling is a friendly and good-natured light palomino gelding. He was just a few months old in 2010 when his herd ran for their lives and were captured from their home on the range in the Silver King Herd Management Area in Nevada.

He stood with his mother Hope in the steel trap and watched his father Galahad hauled away with other stallions. Luckily, an advocate/ photographer contacted Return to Freedom and we were able to bring this family back together.

Sterling has a calm and confident demeanor, charming visitors. He is very attached to Mycah, (a beautiful bay roan Hart Mountain mare) and more recently Sweet Pea (a pretty bay Sheldon mare).

Sterling is always found near Mycah and Sweet Pea as they roll, groom, eat and play within the larger herd of more than 70 horses including Sterling’s parents, Galahad and Hope.

More Pictures of Sterling