Meet the Silver King Herd

Gila Herd

Silver King is a noble white harem band stallion captured on October 3, 2010 from the remote 606,000 acre Silver King Herd Management Area in Northwestern Nevada. Stampeded by deafening helicopters, Silver King and his mares, most pregnant, were chased relentlessly over dangerous terrain. With the help of an equine advocate/photographer, we were able to track down Silver King’s lead mare Grace and two other mares from his band in a BLM holding facility. They have been reunited at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo CA.

The history of the Silver King wild horse herd is not entirely clear although it is believed that these horses are descendants of ranch horses, miners, and settlers and possibly some Army remount horses. The BLM states that the horses are probably comprised of quarterhorse, thoroughbred, morgan and draft breeds.

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