Meet True

True is a handsome stout strawberry roan sabino stallion.

True was born in 2005 in Northwestern Nevada within the Blackrock Dessert in the Calico Complex, the lip of The Great Basin. Five Herd Management Areas (HMAs) make up the Calico Mountain Complex, one of the largest contiguous wild horse ranges.

True, like many of the wild horses roaming Nevada’s Great Basin a mixture of draft horses that interbred with horse breeds that were used for cavalry remounts and ranch horses. Over the last few hundred years, they have adapted to some of the most inhospitable regions of our vast Northwestern rangelands, challenged by terrain, weather and persecuted as “tresspassers” by livestock ranchers.

On December 28, 2009, helicopters penetrated the remote and pristine high desert and almost 2000 wild horses were chased, captured and scattered to government holding facilities. Freedom lost, families lost forever.

True and his family band were part of this devastating event. True was born to General, a stout stallion who fought tirelessly for his family’s freedom and release from the descending helicopters.

Both True and his father General would later be reunited at Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse Sanctuary. True is curious and social and even enjoys a scratch on the neck. He has come into his own and stands his ground with other stallions including his father General.

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