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Stella DeMayo, beloved wife of the late Bill DeMayo and mother of Return to Freedom’s Founder, Neda DeMayo, passed away on August 17, 2020. Stella was a wonderful nurturer to all, and worked professionally as a registered nurse. She was also an herbalist and interested in holistic work and remedies.

Stella was always deeply concerned for the well-being of RTF’s horses and burros, especially when they were injured or sick. She always asked about their health, and was truly interested in their care.

In honor of Stella’s nurturing nature and support, RTF has established the following fund:

The Stella Veterinary and Special Feed Fund: In honor of the life of Stella DeMayo, nurse, animal lover, wife, and the mother of daughters Diana Brown and Neda DeMayo, RTF’s Founder and President. Stella lived at the RTF ranch and deeply loved the scenery, wildlife, wild horses, burros, and RTF’s many volunteers and guests over the years. Even in her last months, Stella was asking to make sure that animals had been fed and watered. She was always concerned when she heard about an injured or sick animal. In honor of Stella’s innate passion for our horses and burros we’ve created the Stella Fund to help support veterinary, special feeds and supplements for special needs and senior horses. Please join us in celebrating her life by making a gift today toward the quality care and feeding of the RTF sanctuary’s resident horses and burros.

Please honor Stella’s love and compassion for all animals by supporting RTF’s work. We are forever grateful for your help and care.

stella and nora vejar for website

This is Stella, a beautiful Sulphur mare, named after Stella DeMayo. She is with her darling filly, Nora. Stella displays an incredible nurturing ability with her young, just as Stella DeMayo was an amazing nurturer throughout her life.

Images of Stella DeMayo