Event Date: August 27, 2016

4th Annual Yoga & Hiking Retreat

Our annual one-day Yoga & Hiking Retreat at Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse Sanctuary, Lompoc, California, location. For the fourth year, this special day is generously donated and hosted by Jodie Kallas, Yoga Teacher, and long-time supporter.

This relaxing day at the sanctuary includes two yoga classes for all levels, guided meditation, and a robust hike among wild horse and burro herds.

Yummy refreshments, healthy snacks, locally grown organic vegetables and fruits. $255 per person with 55% of the proceeds donated to the sanctuary.

Yoga helps to bring the body and the mind into harmony, or balance. You need not be young or flexible to do yoga. One needs only an open mind. Feel better, look better, lose weight, sleep better reduce stress, and live a happier healthier life by taking yoga classes on a regular basis.

Meditation lowers blood pressure, restores balance function to the digestive system, relaxes the nervous system, relieves muscle tension, diminishes intensity of headaches and migraines, relieves insomnia, frees the mind from worry and doubt, releases fears, reduces anxiety and stress, lessens depression, generates optimism, self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

For further information and to sign up, visit 2016 California retreat page. For questions, call Jodie at 516-459-0503.