Happy holidays from Return to Freedom!

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Photo of Spirit by Susan Papa

RTF, You, and the Holiday Spirit

Dear Friends,

At this time of year, many people are celebrating holidays both sacred and festive. Filled with Holiday Spirit, whatever our tradition, it is a time for both reflection and celebration. It is also a time when we think more about others, and how we can help to make their lives better.

Making the lives of wild horses and burros better is the daily work of Return to Freedom, and it is only made possible by the help that so many caring people extend both to our Sanctuary residents, and to our work for the tens of thousands of wild horses and burros on the range and in holding facilities. Thank you!

One of our ambassador horses, Spirit, pictured here, and the more than 500 residents of our American Wild Horse Sanctuary remind us every day of our mission and the generous spirit behind it.

Whatever tradition you celebrate at year’s end, or whether the season just makes you feel good, we at RTF wish you and your loved ones— of every species— the very best that life has to offer.

All of us at Return to Freedom