Celebrating Love on Mother's Day 2016!

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Mother’s Day is just a few days away. While you celebrate the very special bond you share with your mother, wild horse and burro families will be doing the same at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary!

Mothers shape the character of the young foals from the moment they are born – wild horses and burros are nurtured and educated by their mothers, the herd and also benefit from the vital role of the band stallion as well. The love, loyalty and protection a mare gives her foals as unconditional as the love we share with our mothers.

Thanks to you and all of our compassionate supporters, Return to Freedom has been able to provide a safe environment where captured wild horses and burros can live as natural a life as possible.

In honor of Mother’s Day, please consider giving your mother a very special gift – by sponsoring a horse or burro in her name …

Scarlet and Majesty. Photo: Melony Smith

Scarlet and Majesty. Photo: Melony Smith

Scarlett is a beautiful red roan mare. In 1998, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service completed a total removal of all wild horses living on the Hart Mountain Refuge in Southern Oregon. All 279 horses were removed. These horses are a combination of Spanish barbs, Morgan, and draft horses that helped early ranchers carve an existence out in these remote and rocky areas in the Great Basin. Scarlett lives with 45 other Hart Mountain horses at Return to Freedom’s, American Wild Horse Sanctuary.

You can make a donation to Scarlett in honor or in memory of your mother on paypal here!



Chela, Calico Blue Roan Mare.

Chela, a Calico Blue Roan Mare.

Chela, born in 1998, is a beautiful blue roan mare who is now safe at Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse Sanctuary. A survivor of the 2009 Calico Roundup, where nearly 2000 wild horses were captured. Chela lost her family, her foal and her freedom on December 31, 2009. She is from the Black Rock West HMA in the Calico Mountain Complex, Northwestern Nevada.

You can make a donation to Chela in honor or in memory of your mother on Paypal here!


Black Mountain Burro mother and foal at the sanctuary

Black Mountain Burro, mother and foal at the sanctuary (Photo: Steve Paige)

The Black Mountain Burros were captured from their Herd Management Area in Arizona in 2015 and brought to Return to Freedom. The “jennies” arrived pregnant and 4 baby burros were born at the sanctuary.

You can make a donation to Lizzie and her daughter Carly in honor or in memory of your mother on Paypal here!


Download these photos on card stock or email them to your mother! For donation’s over $20 we will send a handsome certificate for your mom!

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Stella and Celine Photo by: Susan Papa

Stella and Celine, Photo by: Susan Papa

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Peekaboo Masks is donating 35% of its sales from limited-edition masks that feature the wild horses and burros at our American Wild Horse Sanctuary.