Hay, friends — Can you guess the secret of 22?

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Horses love hay!

Please click here to donate hay, and check “recurring” to make a monthly hay gift to a horse

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Dear Friends,

Horses have to eat, and 500 horses eat a lot.

Feeding large numbers of animals is always challenging, but it’s especially difficult now, as hay prices have exploded by 35% from this time a year ago!

That’s bad—but what’s worse is that we are now competing to even BUY the hay, due to a worldwide increase in livestock agriculture which is fighting for the precious bales.

But hay is not optional, so we at RTF have to find a way to ensure a steady supply of good hay for our deserving residents, 500 wild horses and burros taken from their rightful homes on the range, who now depend on us.

One thing that really makes a difference in our hay security are monthly recurring donations—Instead of guessing whether we will raise enough funds for each month, our dedicated monthly donors give us a solid base on which to depend—we know where we stand before the month arrives.

Day in, Day out…

If enough of our supporters took the next step and joined our Sponsor a Bale program, and if we can expand our support to everyone’s friends and networks to gain new friends to help feed the horses and burros, we could breathe a sigh of relief knowing our hay needs are covered. This will also help free up our time and resources to continue the fight to protect the freedom and future of the wild horses and burros on the range who continue to be removed in heartless family-shattering roundups in the decades old battle over our public land resources.

For only 71 cents a day, your recurring monthly donation of $22 makes a huge difference over the year!

  • Will you please consider becoming a monthly hay donor by joining our Sponsor a Bale campaign?
  • If you already support RTF periodically, will you take the next step and become a recurring supporter?Just check the “Make this donation recurring” box if you will.
  • Can you please share this need with your friends and circle of contacts to ensure even more hay security for the nearly 500 displaced wild horses and burros in RTF’s care?

Green Gold–will you be a hay angel?

Becoming a monthly Sponsor a Bale angel is the most important thing you can do for these precious refugees in the coming year. We can only provide this high standard of care with the help of many people—will you please be one? If not, your one-time hay donation is very appreciated and will be greatly enjoyed by a hungry wild horse or burro!

To the Wild Ones, and those who stand with (and help feed) them,

All of us at RTF

Please click here to donate hay, and check “recurring” to make a monthly hay gift to a horse

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