Onaqui update: BLM captures 14 wild horses on roundup’s first day

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A mare and her foal on the Onaqui Herd Management Area. Photo by Meg Frederick.

The Bureau of Land Management on Wednesday captured nine mares, four foals and one stallion on the first day of a planned 12-day, 400-horse helicopter roundup on the Onaqui Mountains Herd Management Area in Utah. No injuries were reported.

Return to Freedom believes conducting this roundup during foaling season is unconscionable. This easily accessible herd should be managed on the range with safe, proven and humane fertility control.

The agency plans to capture 400 wild horses, removing 296 and releasing with fertility control 52 mares as well as releasing a similar number of studs. The BLM estimates the HMA’s population at 475 wild horses compared to the agency’s “Appropriate Management Level” of 121 to 210 horses.

The BLM plans to remove horses from state, private, U.S. Forest Service and military lands as well as BLM-managed rangeland.

Horse selected to be released back onto the HMA will be released from the trap site or shipped to Sutherland, Utah, Off-Range Contract Facility. The Sutherland facility is not open to the public.

Horses selected for removal and offered up for adoption and/or sale will be shipped to the Delta, Utah, Wild Horse & Burro Facility. Horses removed from the Onaqui gather will be available for adoption via the BLM Online Corral Adoption beginning in mid-October.

Members of the public who wish to view the roundup should call 801-539-4050.