Promises Kept – Sarge's Mare arriving to Return to Freedom Now

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Promise leaving BLM corrals today, April 12, 2016

Promise leaving BLM corrals today, April 12, 2016

We kept our promise… she is on her way. Promise is on her way to Return to Freedom now!

A few short weeks ago, we wrote about a stallion named “Sarge”.

One year ago, Sarge’s lead mare with their colt by her side, was captured- never to be returned to the range. A few months later, Sarge was also taken from his home range and, at 15 years old, taken to a BLM holding facility for adoption.

Sarge finally arrived at Return to Freedom and settled in quickly.

We were able to track down his lead mare – known to us only as #1489 — we had her shipped to  A California BLM facility and as I am writing this, RTF Equine Program Consultant, Shelly Martin, is on her way back to the sanctuary with precious cargo!  We have named her “Promise”, because we promised.

She was the lead mare to Sarge’s band and actually helped him drive other stallions away.. separated a year ago after the round up at Fish Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) in Eureka Nevada… they have found their way back together.

Shelly should be pulling in any moment, we hope before dark.  She said Promise was pretty nervous and we have prepared a nice size corral and shelter for her right across an alley in sight of Sarge. Once she settles down and is through a quarantine period, they will be released onto 2000 rolling acres… together.

Mission accomplished!

Shout out and special thanks to those who made this possible, Laura Leigh/Wild Horse Education, Chris Fairbanks, Clare Staples.

Click here to watch video: Promise Arrives