Response to Sulphur Springs Elder Stallions

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I have received an outpouring of concern from members of the public regarding these senior Sulphur Springs Stallions captured during the roundup on February 27, 2015. We are working on solutions for these magnificent warriors but the best solution is to return them to their home on the range. These older stallions were captured and separated from their herd, their range and their freedom… forever.

Why is the public outraged? People are outraged because these older stallions are emblematic of the thousands whose suffering is paid for by the unknowing taxpayer. Stallions have a tough life on the range, but they also have a tougher time once removed.

Very few people are equipped to provide a home for a wild horse especially an elder stallion. These horses are born, live and die on the range. Older wild horses have lived their whole life in a herd and have survived within the rules and conditions of natural law.

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What is to become of a 25 year old wild stallion who can be purchased for a few dollars? What is even the purpose of removing him in the first place? He only has a short time left, it is a waste of funds and a tragic end for a noble survivor.  It is unjust and signals unsound management choices.

It only takes one good decision to turn this around. We hope the BLM makes that decision and releases the older stallions they currently have caged in the Delta holding facility, back to their range.

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Return to Freedom has called on the BLM to support the release of these and all mature horses back to their range.

The horses gathered in February from the Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area (HMA), were close to the road and some were roaming off of the management area. The BLM’s concern is that if they are released, it is likely that they will return to the area by the road.

We are receiving pleas to take these horses to the sanctuary. For the sanctuary to give these horses refuge here it will cost $2700 a year just for feed and supplements to keep these older stallions in good condition. We are struggling to afford the nearly 400 horses we currently support.

There are thousands needing our help. We cannot do this alone. It takes on-going support to provide sanctuary and there will be a new emergency tomorrow to take their place.

Sanctuaries are working together on solutions for some of the older stallions. For Return to Freedom to provide permanent refuge, we need a commitment for long-term sponsors. Return to Freedom will bid on # 5378 if we can secure long term sponsorship.

Please help us by sponsoring this beautiful survivor and /or, adopting one or two horses from Return to Freedom.

The face of freedom lost is hard to witness. Is the reason for removing them because BLM knows there may be takers for the unique Spanish genes, shades of dun? Continue to exploit the public lands breeding program which caters to supply the demand for these favored horses in a manage for adoption program? Since the 2005 passing of the Sale Authority amendment to the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act – the BLM can offer horses over 10 years old for sale without limitation.  Heartbreaking… and a senseless waste of tax dollars.

These older horses have their place in the herd on the range.

There are several more horses 15 years and older. Urge BLM to return these mature stallions to their range.

What you can do:

Contact BLM. Urge them to release the older horses back to the range.

Email: Neil Kornze, National Director (BLM) and Utah State WH&B Lead: Gus Warr