Return to Freedom Prepares Calico Herd for Winter

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In the winter of 2010 over 1900 wid horses were removed from the Calico Mountains Complex Herd Management Area in Nevada. For most of them, their world will never be the same. They have lost their homes, their families and their freedom. But for 98 of them, freedom is just around the corner. In the wake of the devastating Calico roundup, Return to Freedom successfully bid on nearly 100 Calico horses, determined to give them back some semblance of what they lost last winter.

We are currently in negotiations to purchase a large piece of land for Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Conservancy. This land will become home to the Calico herd, who will once again range free in their family bands and herd groups. Joining our Calico herd at the new conservancy will be horses from the Silver King roundup and mares from the Challis herd.

We are still a few months away from closing escrow on a property and preparing the horses for the journey to their new and forever home. Now we must focus on battoning down the haches in preparation for the coming winter. We need your help. These horses have suffered tremendously and have lost everything. They don’t know that relief and freedom are just around the corner. Until then, we need to keep them protected from the elements and well fed to make it through the cold winter months. Will you help us?

You can help by making a donation, becoming a monthly hay sponsor or horse sponsor, or by purchasing an equine shelter to provide the herds with protection from wind and snow. Visit our Wish List for information on equine shelters. On behalf of America’s wild horses, thank you.