Speak up for wild horses before it’s too late!

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Photo by Tina Thuell


Word from Washington, D.C., is that it has been too quiet from wild horse supporters. We must turn that around – *now* — before thousands of wild horses and burros are lost to foreign slaughterhouses or felled by bullets paid for by our own tax dollars.

Here’s how you can help America’s horses:

1) Call your representative and senators (you can find their phone numbers here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ and here: https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/ ).

2) Politely identify yourself and your city.

3) Tell staff you are calling to urge your representative or senator to:

* oppose 2018 budget provisions that would allow BLM to euthanize (shoot) healthy horses and that would remove sale restrictions on captive wild horses and burros;

* support the Roybal-Allard/Dent Amendment in the 2018 Agriculture Appropriations bill to continue the ban on horse slaughter;

* and support the bipartisan SAFE Act (HR 113), which would permanently ban horse slaughter in the United States and the transport of horses to slaughter.

4) Tell the staff member why these issues are important to you. For example, “I’m calling because I do not want my tax dollars used to kill wild horses or allow the return of slaughter to the United States.”

5) If you are unable to get through to your representatives’ D.C. number, call a district office. Phone numbers can be found on your representatives’ websites.

Other things you can do to help