JAIME JACKSON “The Natural Trim: Principles and Practice”

Noted wild horse and hoof care expert Jaime Jackson spent four years, in the 1980s, in the U.S. Great Basin conducting field studies on the wild, free-roaming horses - both on his own in the wild as well as at the BLM corrals following gathers of the horses. An accomplished farrier at the time, Jackson conducted and recorded all hoof measurements, with the assistance of BLM personnel, within 48 hours of the horses arrival into the Corrals in order to have a standardized population of 'naturally shaped hooves' unaffected by any direct intervention from humans. His groundbreaking and landmark findings were published in 1992 in his first book, The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild. Twenty years later, Jackson has delivered what is sure to be the definitive book on healthy, natural barefoot hoof care for anyone interested in understanding how to stimulate the growth of a healthy foot or how to properly trim a naturally healthy hoof. Jackson explains in detail on a number of different healthy and pathological hooves how to apply the same technique in order to stimulate healthy natural growth patterns to emerge in a foot and to encourage the growth of a naturally shaped hoof, which in turn, will help the horse function more naturally and move more naturally. The natural trim is just one part of NHC - Natural Hoof/Horse Care - and must be combined with other elements to achieve optimal health in your horse. NHC is the best defense against Laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, White Line Disease, Club Foot, Wry Foot, Slipper Toe and other diseases and disorders. Jackson also uses his 40 years of experience to help the reader understand how to move around the horse in a safe, efficient manner in order to effectively trim the hooves. There is an additional chapter on removing horseshoes as well.

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