Tell Congress: BLM, Forest Service should analyze all public land uses, give wild horses an equitable share

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Wild horses on the Onaqui Mountain Herd Management Area in Utah.

For 21 years, our mission at RTF has been to advocate for viable solutions to keep our nation’s wild horses and burros out of harm’s way on and off the range. Because our public lands are managed under a multiple-use legal mandate, the challenges are many.

Unfortunately, despite their protected status, wild horses and burros have consistently been considered last when land-use decisions are made – even on the very Herd Management Areas and Wild Horse Territories set aside for them.

Please join us in calling on Congress to demand that the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service undertake management decisions that weigh all of the impacts to our public lands and consider the wild horses and burros first or at least equally on those areas designated for them to roam freely. Specifically, we urge lawmakers to require BLM and USFS to consider higher population targets for wild horses and burros, known as Appropriate Management Levels.

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