Tell Congress: Stop wild horses from going to slaughter!

The Bureau of Land Management has put into place a new policy enabling a buyer to purchase 24 wild horses or burros with no wait time between purchases. This new policy, outlined in memorandum IM 2018-066, and quietly posted online on July 3, 2018, throws wide open a back door to kill buyers who will transport these animals to Mexico or Canada for slaughter.

Take a look at the new bill of sale.

At this point, it’s unclear how many wild horses and burros may have already allowed to go to slaughter by the very agency tasked with their protection.

This yet another stealth maneuver on the part of BLM to lift sale restrictions without oversight and make it easier for those who wish to do so to dispose of federally protected wild horses and burros. These new instructions replace a policy put into place in 2012 that allowed an individual to buy only four horses ever six months in response to hundreds of wild horses being shipped to slaughter.

This new attack on America’s wild horses and burros must end immediately!

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