Thanks to you, little Eros is finally safe at home!

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RTF’s veterinarian, Dr. Nicole Eller, coaxes Eros from the trailer upon his return to the sanctuary.

Guess Who Came Home Last Night!

Dear Friends,

This is a great day—we’ll explain in a second—

We recently asked our supporters for help for Eros, and you came through.

Thank you!

Born the day before Valentine’s Day 2021 to Reina, a rescued Spanish mustang mare, Eros was either kicked or collided with something which caused a closed fracture above his right rear fetlock.

This is a life or death injury for a horse….

Eros during his recovery at the clinic.

After Dr. Pankau, from Inland Equine Medical Center, X-Rayed the injury here at the sanctuary, we learned there was a chance that he could heal, so with your help, we took that chance. Eros and his mama, Reina, were transported to Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, a high-tech vet clinic that we use for intensive treatments and care.  Fortunately, the injury was clear of the joint, so we knew little Eros had a chance for a recovery—but we still held our breath with concern. This could still go either way….

But happily, with the great care at the clinicmade possible by your generosityEros beat the odds! Because he is so young, they were able to put in a pin to hold the bones in place as they healed, first with the support of a rigid cast, then transitioning to a sleeve cast, then to a bandage.

And last night, Eros finally came home! Our brave little guy will be under the watchful eye and care of our staff vet and on stall rest for another 4 weeks in a light bandage, and then he can move into a small paddock.  All of us, of every species at RTF, are thrilled to see him back home with his friends and on the mend!

We are so very grateful to everyone who cared about our Eros, both with contributions to his surgery and care and with well-wishes and moral support.  As we look out at our many other precious sanctuary residents and renew our promise to them for a safe and happy life, we see again how important our medical fund reserves are. We have to always be ready to help them at a moment’s notice.

If you would like to help us be ready for the next medical need which occurs—and with nearly 500 animals, it will—please click here and donate, any amount, to our Veterinary Fund. Every dollar counts!

Knowing that we are prepared for any emergency helps us to concentrate on our day-to day sanctuary care—which we’ve provided for over 24 years—and our advocacy for the wild horses and burros still running free on the range. You make this possible.

To Eros and all the Wild Ones, and those who love and respect them,

Our deepest thanks,
Sarah Romberger, RTF Equine Manager
Dr. Nicole Eller, RTF Staff Veterinarian
And All of Us at RTF

Eros, left, and his best buddy, Bowie, will soon be reunited. Photo by Irene Vejar.