The magic is working — but more help is needed

Dear Friends,

Earlier this week, we asked for your help working some magic during this extra-challenging period of feeding 500 rescued wild horses and 42 burros.

“Hay” must really be a magic word, because you started to make that happen immediately, and we have been very grateful for the outpouring.

Today we ask: Can we keep it going? As heartwarming as the response has been, we are not yet in a position to go to the hay-grower with bargaining cash in hand.  We are very respectful of our donors’ hard-earned contributions, and we always work hard to make them go as far as possible.

If you read our previous appeal and thought you would like to help, but were busy, or not in a position to act that day, this is still a perfect time to chip in if you can. Even if you can’t help today, there is always tomorrow. And if you can forward our request to your friends and family, imagine what we could do together!

It can be hard for anyone to ask for help, but we aren’t shy about doing so when it comes to keeping our promise to ensure the lifelong well-being of RTF’s resident wild horses and burros.

Thank you for the support you have shown over RTF’s 20 years of caring for these wonderful residents and working to ensure that wild horses always run free on the Western landscape. You and other caring people are the only reason RTF has been able to be there for so long for America’s displaced and threatened wild horses.

For the Wild Ones,

Neda and All of Us at Return to Freedom

Click here to help us fill the hay shed!