The Tonic of Wildness, A Summer Event August 14, at Beckmen Vineyards, Los Olivos

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‘The Tonic of Wildness’

‘ The Tonic of Wildness’ , August 14, A casual and elegant event at Beckmen Vineyards

Wine label photo by Tony Stromberg

A casual and elegant event at Beckmen Vineyards to benefit the wild horses at Return to Freedom’s Wild Horse Sanctuary

Introducing: Red Roan Wild Blend by Beckmen Vineyards

Date: August 14, 12:30-4 PM

Place: The Beckmen Vineyard by the Beckmen Pond, 2670 Ontiveros Rd., Los Olivos, CA

Food: Healthy Organic locavore foods and refreshments

Music: Haunting South American acoustic and vocals by Jacqueline Fuentes and Manabu

Tickets: $100 per person, Return to Freedom logo-etched wine glass and wine tastings!

Raffles: A case of Red Roan Wild Blend Special and unique vacation experiences

Limited to 100 tickets, buy now!

To purchase tickets please contact us:
Phone us: 805-737-9246, Victoria Lohman or Karen Descamps
Or Email: Programs at RTF