Trump budget plan would cut Interior Dept. budget by 12%

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Wild horses crowded into a temporary holding pen after being trapped during the recent Cedar Mountain Horse Management Area roundup in Utah. Photo by Steve Paige.


President Donald Trump’s first broad-brush budget proposal would cut the Department of the Interior budget, which includes the Bureau of Land Management, by 12%, or $1.5 billion.

It notes a greater emphasis on energy production but does does not detail what areas might face larger cuts to allow such an increase.

The overview document doesn’t directly reference the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program.

BLM officials have described the wild horse program as cash-strapped because of its spending on short- and long-term holding facilities for the 46,700 wild horses and burros the agency has removed from the range.

In 2016, $49.3 million of the wild horse program’s $78.3 million in expenditures went to holding costs. That compares to $7.9 million for its adoption program, $2.25 million for monitoring and range maintenance projects, $3.06 million on roundups – and just $340,000 on fertility control.