Update: BLM to delay sterilization surgeries

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Gila mares at RTF’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary.

With your help, we can fully fund and continue our lawsuit to halt the Bureau of Land Management’s plan to perform painful, potentially lethal surgeries — but we have more to raise. 

Return to Freedom’s lawsuit challenging the BLM’s plan to perform the risky sterilization surgery known as ovariectomy via colpotomy on mares captured from the Confusion Herd Management Area in Utah continues. Under BLM’s new schedule, the earliest date it will begin the surgeries is Sept. 14. 

BLM intends to perform the surgery on 17 mares captured during the roundup, during which the mare’s ovaries would be crushed and then removed with a loop chain instrument. 

In the meantime, BLM will respond to RTF’s complaint and submit the administrative record behind the decision on April 21. The parties will then engage in a briefing that could eventually result in a decision in the case.

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