Update: Reuniting a family band from Wyoming’s Red Desert

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All photos taken at SteadFast Steeds in Colorado by Meg Frederick.

It’s a new day for Bella, Angel, Dahlia, Sunflower and their very young foals!

Finally, after enduring their capture from their home in Wyoming’s Red Desert last fall then foaling this summer in a Bureau of Land Management holding facility, the mares and their newborns are on their way to Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary in California with a few stops along the way!

Thanks to our friends at SteadFast Steeds in Colorado, they can rest peacefully and put on some much-needed calories.

Click here to see a video of the four mares and their foals.

These mares and their foals were finally released from BLM’s Cañon City, Colo., off-range corrals and, after a safe, six-hour trip with Safe Landing Rescue and Transport, they can lay down and rest. Three of the mares are also the moms of Isabelle, Little Romeo and Rose, whom we were able to adopt together in February after they were sent to a separate holding area from the mares for an adoption event ().

Photographers Meg Frederick and Angelique Rea, who documented these wild horses on the range, were able to go to the corrals in Cañon City and find the rest of stallion Misun’s family band along with their uncle Hotah, Hotah’s best friend, Grey Stallion, and another band stallion, Ares, and his lead mare. Meg and Angelique were given just four hours to locate the horses from among about 2,000 in the corrals.

The three yearling foals, Isabelle, Little Romeo and Rose, were already delivered to Return to Freedom safely by Safe Landing Transport, along with their uncle Hotah and Ares.

With one more load to go in early October, we are all looking forward to reuniting the entire band with Misun, five mares, four foals, three yearlings, along with their uncle Hotah, his friend Grey Stallion, plus Ares and his lead mare!

Misun is still recovering from a fight wound at the corrals. As soon as BLM’s vet releases him, the rest of the horses will travel west with his sister Tata Wakan, Ares’s lead mare, and Grey Stallion

The dark mare, Bella, is Misun’s mother, and, at almost 20, she is the grandma. These poor horses have endured almost a year in the corrals. Their body condition needs some improvement, so we are thankful for our friends along the way who are giving them long rests and quality feed on their way to their new home.

Each of these horses have stories to tell, and we look forward to sharing those with you.

Return to Freedom is so grateful to our friends Tracy and Blaine Scott at Steadfast Steeds for giving them a good rest and quality feed. Special shout-out to George Brauneis (Eagles and Wild Horses Ranch) for all his help along the way!

Soon, the horses will get on the road then have a nice break with Jen Reid at Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, before heading to California’s Central Coast.

Thanks to photographers Meg and Angelique, we have come to know these wild horses. Each is emblematic of the thousands who remain unseen and unnamed — may they be safe, may they stay wild and free.

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