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America’s Horses Need Your Help TODAY ~ Please Call NOW

Help us ensure horses are protected from the horrors of slaughter

Representatives are in the final stages of the negotiations of the Omnibus Appropriations package on Capitol Hill where they have been debating and trading all weekend. We have already sent out an email to those whose Officials have influence in the negotiations. But those of us who do not live in their districts can still use our voice to send a message NOW to Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi.

Since 2007, we’ve kept horse slaughterhouses closed by stopping the funding for horse slaughter inspections.

It was a major victory for horses when the 2015 federal spending bill was signed into law. That bill renewed the ban on the use of tax dollars for the inspections of horse slaughterhouses, which prevented the opening of horse slaughter plants poised to resume operations in several states.

Unfortunately, this ban is set to expire this week and must be renewed by Congress. This critical life saving provision is in jeopardy.  To lose it would be a disaster for America’s wild and domestic horses.

A few months ago, the Udall amendment in the Senate inserted the defunding language to the agriculture appropriations bill, but we are hearing some distressing news that it may fall out of the budget bill during negotiations happening now.

Opponents who want to bring back this grisly practice to the U.S. are counting on Congress to let the ban expire, but your voice can make a difference and help ensure we keep this toxic, unnecessary, and cruel industry off of American soil.

The fight to protect horses from the barbaric suffering of slaughter in the United States, is far from over but we cannot lose ground.