URGENT! Tell Congress to Maintain Federal Protection of Our Wild Horses and Burros!

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Thursday Morning, June 16, at 10:30 AM EST, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to hold a markup hearing on the 2017 Interior Appropriations bill. The bill may include, or be amended to include, language that allows the immediate transfer of wild horses and burros to state, local or federal agencies to be used as work and service animals. Wild horses and burros would immediately lose their federally protected status, making them even more vulnerable to suffering, abuse and disposal through slaughter.

If your Senator is on the Appropriations Committee, you can influence this critical vote. Please take action.

To find out if your Senator is on the Committee, please use this link for a list of all committee members, their websites and contact information:

Appropriations Senate Members

Please contact them at their offices in Washington D.C.


  1. IMPORTANT: CALL FIRST! Call your Senator’s office in Washington, DC.  It’s easy and takes just one moment to call.

Sample Phone Message (Feel free to put this in your own words):

“Hi, this is [your name] and I am a constituent of Senator [name]. I’m calling to urge the Senator to vote NO on any language or amendment to the Interior Appropriations bill that will allow the BLM to transfer wild horses to agencies as work animals. Any language proposed to prevent slaughter is not adequate because the fundamental language is flawed and has no mechanism in place for humane oversight or to enforce the prevention of suffering, abuse or slaughter for non-commercial uses. Therefore any amended language that may be suggested in tomorrow’s session will be meaningless.

As an American citizen and a horse lover, I treasure our wild horses and burros. I want them to remain federally protected as intended by the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Thank you for your attention to this important concern!”

After your call please follow up with a personalized email to your Senator. Designate the topic you are addressing in the Subject Field of your email: “Appropriations,” “Budget,” “Animal Welfare,” “Interior.”

Thank you for taking the time to Take Action- It Matters!

From all of us at Return to Freedom,
Wild Horse Sanctuary and Preservation