What We Stand and Tirelessly Work For

  • A ban on horse slaughter and the sale and transport of horses for slaughter
  • For the re-direction of funds from expensive and traumatic wild horse and burro captures, removals, and warehousing, to multi-pronged solutions for managing wild horses on the range
  • To rescind the 2005 “sale authority” amendment to the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971

Return to Freedom (RTF) has been an effective and leading voice for change by leveraging our solutions-focused approach and pioneering management model at the sanctuary to educate and engage the public on the issue of wild horse and burro preservation.

RTF speaks nationally, meets with legislators, and reaches tens of thousands of people annually through mass media, collaborative conferences, innovative programs, and exclusive events, galvanizing support for the issue from politicians, as well as leaders in the film, music, and corporate industries.

In 2004, after an investigation by land and air into some of Nevada’s wild horse herd management areas, RTF launched the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC). The Campaign has become a powerful and effective grassroots voice for our wild horses.

In 2014, RTF launched Wild Horse Rangers: Advocacy in Action to engage youth and the public in wild horse observation on the range, to witness roundups, and to empower citizens to advocate on behalf of wild horses and range solutions.

The conversation has begun. Join us. Take Action!